Our Technologies

Industry 4.0: the future is now

The next Industrial Revolution has already started.
Let your factory be smart and take advantage of the latest technologies!


Industrial robots are flexible and highly customisable equipment that cover a wide range of applications.
All industries can benefit from installing robots, since they can perform a lot of different tasks, such as machine tending, material handling, assembly, packaging, palletising and much more.
They allow a huge improvement in production processes by making the environment safer for employees, by achieving higher quality results and by making the production more cost competitive and efficient.
Throughout the years we gained remarkable experience as integrators for ABB, Comau, Kawasaki, Kuka, Yaskawa-Motoman, Fanuc and Mitsubishi.

PLC Programming

PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) software development is the heart of every automatic system.
It allows interaction between all the single machines to tie them into a coherent system.
As experienced PLC developers, we can program the most suitable software solution for your needs.
We are integrator for most known PLC manufacturers such as, but not limited to, Siemens (S5 and S7), Schneider Electric (formerly Telemecanique), Rockwell (formerly Allen Bradley) and Omron.


Supervisor Control and Data Acquisition systems allow to manage and supervise the whole production cycle to keep it under control through data exchange, historian, database, production monitoring, recipes and parameters input, error logging, alarm handling and report processing.
SCADA is especially useful in big productive plants, like ferroalloy plants, steelworks, foundries, glass annealing ovens, beverage and bottling, industrial manipulators, warehouses, etc..
Our SCADA applications are completely integrated with PLC, PC and HMI, allowing fully automatic production processes.
We can develop our own software solutions (in Visual Basics, Delphi and C languages) as well as configure and customise standard software packages by Siemens (WinCC), Rockwell Automation (RSView), Wonderware (InTouch) and others.

Automatic Detection Systems

Industrial identification enables batches and products tracking and identification to achieve full traceability in production logistics. Data may be collected through a RFID system (made up of radio-frequency tags and antennas) or through optical means (barcode reading, object recognition, OCR).
On a higher level, Machine Vision allows automated product inspection and analysis by processing camera-acquired images through a computer. This technology is very convenient since it can autonomously perform quality control and defect detection, robot guidance, optical sorting, barcode reading and computer measuring and dimensioning.